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Maybe I have a twisted mind: Method for Directors, Biomechanics for Actors? Let me explain myself.

I am coming from the place where director must have his own style, theory (even several of them), leave after himself a school, while he is directing the plays. According to this carzy Russian tradition, director is an artist, revolutionary, innovator, teacher and so on. Stanislavsky is responsible for this madness. Before him Russian Theatre History knew only the ballet choreograhers, after him began so-called "Director's Theatre"...

Chekhov thought that Stanislavsky (what a pompous stage name -- "place of fame") is a bad director, but can you do if Anton Chekhov wrote the plays we still century later do not know to stage! Besides, what do you expect from the actor turned director?

I believe that we should be gratefull to the Comrade Stalin for the birth of the Method Acting. First, after the Great Revolution of uneducated masses all these theatre experimentations came to the end by 1934. Stanislavsky was smart and went into deep theatry, dying in his own Moscow bed, instead of Siberia. Second, the realism became the state doctrine, known as a Socialist Realism and Stanislavky was a realist.

In America you never have time for anything and I have to explain the concept of realism in fast food terms: I say it's the move acting and if I am in bad mood, I say that Chekhov and Stanislavsky are resposible for the soaps. This is "serious" drama and "serious acting" (do you know about the Aristotle's mimesis? This is the extreme way of doing it like in "real life"). The problem with the soap acting is not the method, but not having time for the Method.


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Since I moved all biomechanics pages to a new directory and organized it as BioMechanics for Actors weBook, this Acting Directory is to become Method Textbook.

Like in sport, it's 99% preparation! Count the minutes you are on stage... Now, for each minute in front of the public you must spend a day practicing this single page.

And years of learning HOW TO DO IT!

Method, System?

Stanislavsky for Directors?

What do you mean, Anatoly?

I mean that directors MUST know Method Acting to understand actors in order to work with them.

Do actors must know Method?

They are actors. They know it, even if they didn't study it.

Should they study Method?

Yes, but there are enough textbooks for actors. Maybe too many.

I advise actors to study Biomechanics.

Method of the System? Or "System of the Method"?

"System" -- the Russian name for the school of Stanislavsky's training for actor. I didn't like it in Moscow, I was young. In teaching and directing it proved to be extremely useful. So, what is this "System of the Method" ("Method" is the American name)? In short, "psychological realism" -- meaning that we are after experiencing "true" emotions on stage. Is it possible? Actor = Character = Role (the basic formula). When I play Hamlet, I am Hamlet! Really?

That is why there is a book "Method or Madness?" Well, everything about theatre is madness, you know. So, we will try to see the Method of this madness, my friends.

Since I am teaching full-time since 1986, I have a lot of notes and three years ago the texts began to migrate to the web. Some of them old, some new, some notes only.

For example, 24 Hour Actor page in Theatre Theory Directory was written long ago and can give you an idea about the composition of the book.

[Book? I am not sure how long will it take to finish the book.]


Stanislavsky: the inner truth. "Actor dies in Character" = Role. Actor becomes his character. We should add that the text must die in actor as well, being replaced by the "actor's text" -- performance. We know that the good acting is invisible acting, when we forget that actor acts. Since the Satan stopped stilling the souls, actor should on his own learn how to give the soul to fictional people, it's time to him to be Devil.


What is the difference between "System" and "Method"? The "original" theory and the American version? Who knows? And who cares? Maybe the historians. Read Stanislavsky's fat books, if you can.


Read something about Stanislavky and/or Method Acting. Anything. Method is all over. All acting textbooks use Method in various ways. One day I will put the reading list together. My advise -- read my webpages on acting.


"SpectActor" and "Virtual Theatre" are about to merge! This ebook is a part of this huge project vTheatre. As well as Biomechanics for Actors (Meyerhold). The best path to understanding the heart of the matter is to get a sense what is "Spectatorship" -- the means of the public identification with the character on stage are the ways of actor's indentification with the character. In fact, this is the same process, only actor does it professionally! He is being payed to do it. For having fun. A lot of fun.

method * 2002 *

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