Acting Styles

AActing (Advanced Acting) [1] ACTING STYLE(S) -- Your final class in Acting!

Class I. Introduction. Course orientation. Walk though Slb. Preview of subjects. What is ACTING THREE? Aims: DIRECTING FOR ACTOR Class Structure: 90 min for 12 actors. New Material -- lecture (20 min). Review (10 min). Exercises (30 min). Presentations (25). Summary (5 min). Class project!

Home work. Journals (after, before each class and on weekend)

Grades explained.

Self-introductions. Name, I. Oral Resume format (see Students directory).

Monologues assigned: breakdown. Analysis. Cold Reading and Auditions. (See 3 Sisters for Chekhov's monologues). Also, WWWilde for scenes from "The Importance of Being Earnest" (and use the texts online -- Hamlet, Cyrano, 12th Night).

Actor is always in between. Between Text and Performance. Between Text and Audience. Between...
Acting is a mediation. Actor is a process of mediating many texts (mostly subconsciencely). Semiotics (science of signs). Acting is mediating. Between known and unknown, existing and not born yet.

* What is Acting? (Write in your journals your answer).

Actor -- a performer who "developed in himself the art of inner and outer mimicry and incarnation" (Richard Boleslavsky on Stanislavsky System). Reading: "Living the Part" pp. 510-512.

Initiator, leader and organizer of the material (the actor and medium are one and the same thing). (Biomechanics)

Acting 3: Systems and Methods. Phychological Realism (From inside out -- Method) and YOUR STYLE.

Physical characterization -- Biomechanics.

Voice and movement.
Rehearsal Methods and Actor's Home Work.

Audition portfolio. Select Presentations in class (instead of introduction)

Drama Monologue. Fist Assignment.

Text into Performance. "Actor's Text" concept. (THR 121 and THR 221 reviewed).

Have a very good reason for everything you do. -- Laurence Olivier

Biomechanics SUMMARY: Audience -- Public, second actor's ego is made up of those who witness the event through dramatic (emotional, intellectual) participation.

HOME WORK: Resume, Drama Monologue, Journal (Questions to answer, list)


Take notes in class!





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