"3 Sisters" and "The Importance of Being Earnest"

"Never het caught acting." Lillian Gish


"Scene Study" is the next step after your monologues (comedy & drama -- you have to have two monologues at least).

You need to know something about how to develop your character -- and you need a partner.

How to select the text? Do the cold reading. Do it together. Do it for some public. Anybody.

There are many great scripts online, there are many books in the library. Read the whole play, if you want to do the scene from the play... and do it right.

Read, think, try -- and talk about it.

Make sure that you have what you must have -- the dramatic structure (Exposition, climax, Resolution). Do you know where it is in your scene?

Try it on your feet, try improv. Yes, put the text away and try the scene in your own words.


Establish the composition of your scene. Define your objective and your obstacle. Usually your objective is your partner's obstacle and so on (first level of the conflict).


Can I cut the scene? Yes, but the minimum (French scene) must be there.

What is "french scene"?


Select a couple scenes to try it in class. After you select the scene to rehearse, read the whole play (and write your notes in your journal)!


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