[3] Drama monologue due. Presentations and analysis.

Criteria (grading performance): What is PERFORMANCE?

Realism. Truth. Believability.

Actor's text: Stage Languages and Audience.

Performance A human activity, interactional in nature and involving symbolic forms and live bodies, which constitutes meaning, expressing or affirming individual and cultural values, meaning "to complete" or "to carry out thoroughly," execution, accomplishment, fulfillment; show. The performance event is the embodiment or enactment of the text--usually a collaborative endeavor involving one or more performers, text, audience, context.

Performance sentence (sometimes) is based on verbal sentence. And preacting! -- the opposite. Context

INTERactional activity = communication. Thinking is a dialogue with yourself (Greeks). Performance is "thinking outloud (and not necessarily in worlds).

Key words (emphasis)

Spectator, single member of the audience.

Audience? You're. Put yourself over there. Stay there, till you can go back on stage. Your travel back and forth is what we call "director"! How to remember that you know what they don't know? Thy know nothing.

Actor's space is created through position on stage and level of voice: high, low, whisper, scream. Levels of voice are contrapuntal mechanism to actual stage (space) position.
Each change in emotional state requires changes in space and time.
Emotions > movement.

Paper-acting -- the analysis. Acting is visual thought process? "The thinking" must be there to carry on the physical presence.

Pre-acting. Step One: The Walk.






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