This last part is useless, if you didn't celect the character and didn't work on your role. Go to the plays on line, select the monologue and then go through Acting One, Two and Three. See you here again, when you will arrive, kid.


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Well, I thought about making it "Part I" -- but I didn't start with the theory of acting to keep you reading.

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The rest -- Appendix; usefull pages, bibliography, exersices, journals-how-to and etc.

Comments: I hope you understand that this right side is for YOUR comments! Yes, on your ACTOR's TEXT.

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Part IV. Acting Theory in Action

Method and Biomechanics are theories of acting.

Get used to this idea. If you want to go deeper with your craftmanship.

Of course, you can find some theory everywhere on my pages. Even on the very first page ACT

If you after reading Part III, want to organize YOURSELF, you need more systematization, my friend.


Stanislavsky' System is Madness, if you think that it will work instead of you! Are you mad?

The next part struggles with itself; I have to have some sort of a workbook... and summary on theory!



What was your character?

What ideas did you have for your role?

Now we will try them on your and the text!

I will take Hamlet.

Which monologue?

How about the most famous "To Be or Not to Be"?



I see it in your eyes, the eyes of my graduating students... What is now?

Now is goodbye... Now you go out and hustle.

Do you know how to do it?

Do you have your resume, portfolio, recommendations?

No? You, friend, must a serious talk with "your" director. You know what I mean.

What does your Self recommend?

Do you have the list of characters you would like to play? Did you work on those roles already?


Go, go! go away!


Yes, hustle -- and then you will have a lot of questions. Write them in your Actor's Journal and let your director to write too.

Homework ....

Notes Look above, your real homework only now begins!

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