Warning: keep in mind that this book is written about Method for directors... and actors who want to understand what directors know and expect.

part I

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See THR221 Intermediate Acting

But first check THR121 Fundamentals of Acting to know what is expected of you in Acting II class.

THR321 Advaced Acting (Fall Y2K)

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Director's Confession:
With you or without you I have to have it -- the roles. The pay is written already, anybody can read it, but the show is not. Can't I have roles without actors creating them? Well, I can create them out of actors.

Acting, Part II

Now it's time to make it, your own ACTOR's TEXT.

The Perfomance!

Time to disolve the writer within the show!

Time to show how much do you understand the lines!

How do you EXPRESS it?



Actors Act

[InterAction and Mise-en-scene are in Biomechanics]

Four files so far.






Check Books page and read the pages in the textbook "Actor on Acting" (take notes, review before the test). Read before your class, read ahead!

Check the test pages!

Do your homework!

Be prepare!


Do you want to see how to do it?

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"Let someone explain to me why the violinist who plays in an orchestra on the tenth violin must daily perform hour-long exercises or lose his power to play? Why does the dancer work daily over every muscle in his body? Why do the painter, the sculptor, the writer praqctice their art each day and count that day lost when they do not work? And why may dramatic artist do nothing, spend his day in coffee houses and hope for the gift (of inspiration) in the evening? Enough. Is this an art when its priests speak like amateurs? There is no art that does not demand virtuosity."

Oh, I have an answer for Mr. Stanislavsky. You see, sir, many, very many actors do not KNOW how to do what this musician does. They do not know WHAT they have to do for hours every day.

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