There is good acting, comedy acting and dramatic acting.

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Drama Scene due. Presentations and analysis.

Same as with Monologue: 1. Dramatic clearity of structure (exposition, climax, resolution).
2. Actor's Text (a page with the text of your monologue, including your breakdowns, pauses, movement and floor plan).
3. Execution: performance.

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3 Sisters scenes and monologues

Actor's Text: YOUR stage directions (left - movement, right - emotions)

Prop is a MUST!

MARK Key words (emphasis)


Paper-acting -- the analysis. Acting is ALWAYS visual-thought-process! "The thinking" must be there to carry on the physical presence.

Walk. Mater-gesture


Go to your journal! If you didn't do well in class, I will see how much work was done at home!


Physical Acting -- biomechanics.


One beat pause = "/"

Two beat = "//"

Three = "///" and so on.

All pauses must have movement directions.

Every "," is a pause!

"." -- what do you think?


Where does it take place? (5Ws)

Get a book (suggestion), big book, many books. His school papers, notebooks.

Is he drinking?

What are ANDREY's addresses?

Doctor. God? Sisters? Parents? He himself in the past (photo?)

ANDREY. What's become of my past, when I was young, happy, and clever, when my dreams and thoughts were exquisite, when my present and my past were lighted up by hope? Why on the very threshold of life do we become dull, drab, uninteresting, lazy, indifferent, useless, unhappy?... Our town has been in existence for two hundred years -- there are a hundred thousand people living in it; and there's not one who's not like the rest, not one saint in the past, or the present, not one man of learning, not one artist, not one man in the least remarkable who could inspire envy or a passionate desire to imitate him... They only eat, drink, sleep, and then die... others are born, and they also eat and drink and sleep, and not to be bored to stupefaction they vary their lives by nasty gossip, vodka, cards, litigation; and the wives deceive their husbands, and the husbands tell lies and pretend that they see and hear nothing, and an overwhelmingly vulgar influence crushes the children, and the divine spark is quenched in them and they become the same sort of pitiful, dead creatures, all exactly alike, as their fathers and mothers... [angrily] What do you want?.. The present is hateful, but when I think of the future, it's so nice! I feel so light-hearted, so free. A light dawns in the distance, I see freedom. I see how I and my children will become free from sloth, from beer, from goose and cabbage, from naps after dinner, from mean, parasitic living... [in a rush of tender feeling]. My dear sisters, my wonderful sisters! [Through tears] Masha, my sister! (3 Sisters) Retype the text, adding your stage direction.

Bring your Actor's Text to class.

How to bring the OTHERS -- sounds, newspaper, his tears it (suggestion)

Food in front of him?

What prop symbolize "sisters"? Photos? Sisters = hope, past?

His wife (Natasha) is listening. He tried to speak in whisper. Forgetting it. Looks over his scholder.

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