This page is connected with COMEDY (genre) and CHARACTER (hero) pages: both have to be established. Everything else you can do is on the top of the first fundamental choices.

If you read Biomechanics pages, you understand actor "writes" his "texts" (performace) and is required to define his "game." Type is the rule, no less than gender or age (the exercises we do in class). We can't go any further in developing your character unless the choices are made.

Start where you are -- look at yourself! Are you tall? Play it. Short? Play it to the extreme -- make yourself shorter! Very short! Comedy asks for extremes -- give it, be big in your acting choices.

Every personal physical characterization is for your charcter, give it away (you got it for free). Parody yourself and you will get this comedic hero. Remember, "below everage" (Aristotle)? Make this type below yourself! Make it simple; go only after the obvious.

The problem is that we do not know ourselves....


Don't fight it.
Each of us has a God-given design; your body is something like a situation, make it work for you. Yes, you are and should be a type. It's not the end of your artistic life, my friend, but a starting point.

At the time when the modernist revolution brought the ordinary to center stage, Meyerhold returned to traditional types of Commedia del Arte. Since in Russian tradition of repertory theatre artistic (chief) director builds a "team," Meyerhold thought about a composition of acting body of his theatre capable of playing many plays. Amplua -- natural gravitation of actor to dramatic organization of stories developed by centuries of tradition. Hero and villain, a friend (helper) of a hero, a victim, etc.
Here is Meyerhold's list of types:

1. Male

Tragic hero

Comical lover

Dramatic lover

Jeune comique

Socialite ("Fat" from French)

Common type hero

Fool (common)

Character Comic Actors (young)

Hero of new drama

Character Actors



2. Female

Tragic heroine

Comic heroine

Ingenue dramatique


Common dramatic heroine

Young common comic

Young dramatic character actress

Young comic character actress

Heroine of new drama

Grande dame

Dramatic character actress


Comical old woman

So? Who are you?
This is your home work -- think about it. It will help you to do the selection of monologues, should help you with your acting choices. Look at well known actors -- who is your favorite? Why? Go for impersonation. This is a labor of self-recognition, getting comfortable with your medium -- yourself.


Two categories: Lead actors and supporting actors. Why?

Find our modern equivalents to the Meyerhold's list.

In your Actor's journal describe yourself.

What are other (good) limitations?
By age, of course.

This classification needs to be compared with another Meyerhold's "Silver Age" (Komisarjevskaya Theatre) period (Symbolism). Commedia del'Arte casting is restoring physical qualities of actors. Good.

Limitations are good for you!

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