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Writing this textbook is not good for me. I am getting mad.

Once I told you about the plimmer, who came to fix the toilet. He is a professional, I am not; if I could, I would do it myself. But, look, do you want to deal with the plummer, who needs his motivation and inspiration to fix the toilet? I don't think so.

Every time actors ask me this question about motivation, I ask back -- What is your take? You should have YOUR idea first. There are many simple little things you have to know.

If you see you struggle without getting it, I will step in, but you have to be initiator, you are the first. I consider it professional relations between partners in theatre business. If I don't like it, I tell you. If I don't, you are on the right track.

The Relaxation! Do you want me to my director's exercises in front of twenty actors? Do you care how I do it? I direct. Teaching is a by-product of directing shows.

I complain, because sometimes I feel tha I'm losing my mind. This plummer doesn't come to teach me how to fix toilets and meditate before it -- I am not interest, this is not my BUSINESS. I prefer to come home and see that my toilet is fixed, working -- that's professional.

Same with you, actors. You can't be busy with all those questions that are not your PROBLEMS!

Don't teach, even yourself! Learn. Be simple. Your body is different from the rest of us, the same with your mind, soul, spirit, will. Yes, you don't know yourself completely, but knows you better than you?

Not me.

So, Stanislavsky said, take yourself seriously, actor. Do your work!

Everything about Method is requirement that what you do on stage must MAKE SENSE!

I will touch only a few well known principles:

Motivation (Justification) -- why do you (character) do what you do. Why did you go to the table? Or why you didn't. What was the REASON? What is the MEANING of it?

Do you know when I ask? When I do not understand or do to see it! I don't even care do you know or not what is your motivation as long as it is there.

Public Solitude -- "private in public"... You, actor, is on public, but Hamlet!

Stage Fright -- Take Yoga classes or something, or go to the church instead of the movies. What is this nonsense? If you are not in character, of course, you will afraid to be on public, because you have no business to be on stage! Who doesn't fear the challenge of the event? athlet, politician? The fear is the ENERGY, use it!

Animal Exercise -- ... no, this stuff is not this book!

Magic If ...

I don't speak on such matters. Because if you consider professional acting, you should know it already

Second, it's personal -- you have to find you own way, which works for you.

Third, a book is a bad couch.

Besides, what do I know about warmups? I am a director, my actors with a few shows behind are better leaders in warmups.

So, I will stick to what I know, what I do, what I practice. The unknown is for you to learn. Unknown? You and your mix the character you are about to play.





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