I resisted, I didn't want to have this page.

Maybe, I thought, I will make it one day in -- Director's book.

All acting textbook have it -- How to Audition.

You know, you read them.

I understand; after all the auditions is THAT thing between you and the show.

Since you read about auditions, I don't have to repeat what you already should know.

I rather make a few points about the sensitive matters. Like.... a talent. Does it exist?

Oh, yes, it does!

How about "luck"?


But if you are lucky, you do not have to do anything, do no need to skills or knowledge, nothing -- including the talent, right?

But what is this thing "T"?

Listen, can you tell me first, why do you want to know? What difference would it make if I will tell that you have a talent? Will you work more or less?

If you will work more, I am telling you -- Yes, you have it!

If you work today less than yesterday, my answer is -- No, you have no talent!

Russian pianist and composer Anton Rubinstein used to say that when you do not practice one, you notice it it. Two days -- your friends notice it. Three days -- the public knows it.

There are three parts in it: monologues, cold reading -- and the call back.

For the first step see the monologue pages and portfolio.

For pre-audition stage -- check the Cast Idea.

Do you have a resume? See Students Directory.

I have no cold reading page, but read scenes study pages.

And also read Last Note -- for actors!

Look, I try to write about what NOT to do. What NOT to think about. What NOT to read. How NOT to waste your time and energy. How NOT to go in wrong directions. NOT be interested in stupid questions. NOT notice, NOT hear, NOT see....

In short, to be FOCUSED. To have directions.

YOUR OWN directions.

To know what you want is to know what you DO NOT want.

To know what you are is to know what you are NOT.

In acting theory it's called "choices"!

Means -- one, not many, not even two.

Means you have to have MANY and select ONE.

If I can see it -- you have none.

You have to learn how to NEGATE, how cut out....

Yes, I am talking about your daily existence, friend.

List what you did yesterday. And the day before. Take a good look at this list -- cross out what was the waste of your time. Because this is the time when you can -- acting!

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