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Great Actors

I wish I could propose a new course required for theatre majors -- The Basics of Spectatorship. After all, all theatre "professions" start there. Spectator is a theatrical innocent lover...

Spectator is the beginning of THEATRE, he is the creator of the show...

You don't believe me?

But of course! There is not a single decent book on the subject! I mean, theory of it (not the textbooks on theatre appreciation).

I am sure somebody will write this book one day. The new Virtual Theatre will make this old secret too visible. You, the spectator is about to be in control of the spectacle...

I see, you do not know it yet.

Well, you are in control of ANY show. Peter Brook calls it dead theatre, when public is not the theatre.

What do you think you paying for?

To see, to watch?

No! To write, to act, to direct!

The most important thing in acting is honesty. If you can fake that, you've got it made. George Burns

See Acting classes: THR121 Fundamentals of Acting, first. Intermediate and Advanced @ Classes Gateway Page. Theatre is about ACTORS. Director and playwright are there only to serve them.

Stage = Event. An act. An ACTION...

Without it (ACTOR) the whole process is useless. Actor is the end of this road between thought and feelings.

Read about spectatorship to understand it...


Since I teach both film and theatre, I have to state it upfront -- only stage produces trained actors. Acting profession always will stay there. Life performance is where actor is the king.

What does make a good actor?

Here again we have to remember the situion of life show -- the public. The sense and communication with them, all and each one of them -- actor's mode.

The great actors are not known to masses...


Actor as Active Spectator!




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